What is an Indian Landrace?

what is a landrace india

Exploring Indian Landrace is a pathway to explore the rich history of ancient India and a key to revive the Indian Cannabis Culture.

But Why is a Landrace so special? 🌱

In cannabis cultivation, the term landrace refers to strains of marijuana that grew naturally in the environment over the course of centuries.

Over the generations, the growing practices and environments particular to each of those locations imparted unique characteristics to each strain’s appearance and chemistry—the fancy word for this is “Dankness”.

Landraces and Indian History? 🇮🇳

India is home to hundreds of landraces and thousands of farmers and tribals communities have grown and preserved these landraces over centuries.

Exploring indigenous landraces is like exploring India and communities of different ethnicity, languages, and cultures.

Present Day and Indian Landraces Extinction? ❗️

With increasing encroachment and introduction of easy to grow western hybrids the landraces are getting extinct and with it our only chance to learn about our own Indian cannabis history is diminishing.

PS: Scientifically It were the landraces who have provided medicinal and recreational comfort to India in the whole history.

Isn’t it High time for our government to start researching on indigenous herb?

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