India’s Growing Social Cannabis Network!

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A Community Standing With Indian Cannabis Culture and Standing Against Weed Stigma.

India’s Growing Cannabis Network!

Connect | Learn | Unite

A Community Standing With Indian Cannabis Culture and Standing Against Weed Stigma.


A collective & fundraising initiative from the community to preserve indigenous genetics while uplifting and educating the rural cannabis farmers through the right awareness and lobby for the Legalization of the whole plant instead of just seeds and leaves.

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Learn about Indian SEEDS

Idukki Gold Weed – Asia’s Best Marijuana

If you had to pick the best thing to come out of Kerala, there’s only one clear answer and everyone knows it- the Idukki Gold aka…

Mysore Mango – The King Of Fruits

If you are a long time stoner and never heard Mysore Mango then you’re doing it all wrong. It is one of the purest weed strains of India and has…

Sheelavathi Strain – Andhra’s Landrace

The word Sheelavathi, famous as a potent Spicey Sativa Strain of Andhra Pradesh, actually means a Dutiful and Chaste Indian woman

Purple Odisha – Exotic Sativa Landrace

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Explore Indian Cannabis History

Bhaang – One of the 5 Sacred Plants in Vedas

The seed of our Culture was sowed thousands of centuries ago by the Gods themselves.
Yes. Cannabis plant is mentioned under Atharva Veda book 11 hymn 8 or verse 15

What is an Indian Landrace?

Exploring Indian Landrace is a pathway to explore the rich history of ancient India and a key to revive the Indian Cannabis Culture.India is home to hundreds of landraces and thousands of farmers and tribals communities have grown and preserved these landraces over centuries.

Every Indian Province had Cannabis Cultivation.

Most of the Indian Kings had an established system to tax regulate and collect revenue from Cannabis Cultivation. Stay tuned with us to learn about the marvelous connection between Cannabis and Indian History.


We know that the Cannabis plant (excluding seeds & leaves) is banned in India under NDPS Act, 1985. But do you know that every State Law varies regarding prohibition. Some states have an Ultimate prohibition banning seeds & leaves also, while some states have Legalized Cultivation.

Looking to get into Legal Cannabis Business? Learn your State Law Right to start your Fight!


In the link, you will find every state’s ganja-bhang prohibition law.





A responsible community should help our nation in this need of the hour. We’re delivering essentials to the rural areas which are facing the catastrophe of Covid-19 due to severely lacking awareness, infrastructure, and preparedness. Every little contribution you make contributes to our efforts of fighting for the Indian cannabis community. Come out of the closet and help us to bring change.


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